Monday, June 10, 2013

Mint candy

Drugi post. Za sad smo redovne. Valjda se na pocetku toliko zagrejemo za ovu stvar da je to jedino sto zelimo da radimo ceo dan. Evo vec smisljamo neki novi autfit. Mozda je rano, ali i nemamo pametnija posla. Skola neka saceka. Ovo je prva ljubav. Ovaj post je sladak. Mene bar podseca na secernu vunu i sve moguce slatkise. Neka to bude zamena za slatkise jer trenutno su zabranjeni. Ipak ide leto.

Second post. For now we are regular. I guess at the start we are so warm up to this point it's the only thing we want to do all day. We already create some new outfit. Maybe it's early, but we don't have anything better to do. School can wait. This is the first love. This post is cute. It reminds me of cotton candy and candy of all types. Let it be a replacement for sugar because they are currently forbidden. Still summer is coming.

Zara sweater
Zara necklace
Zorannah skirt
Not branded hat
Accessorize sunglasses
Tally Weijl bag
H&M boots


  1. Zorannah skirt is beautiful! Like a dream! Best, Stella